The Favorite Palace (often referred to as Favorite for short) on the banks of the Rhine in Mainz was an essential Baroque complex in the Electorate of Mainz with elaborate gardens and water features. The Favorite was built in several phases, beginning in 1700, and was essentially completed around 1722.


The museum in Kronach commissioned me with the honorable task of recreating the entire complex in 3D. The whole thing was then 3D printed and brought into augmented reality with Unity. Currently, the piece is on exhibit at the museum in Kronach.


I only knew that the thing should end up being 174 cm wide and 100 cm long. So first I searched for a construction plan, which I actually found on Wikipedia 😏. Then I started to design the thing roughly with simple shapes at first and then went more and more into detail until the thing was ready for the 3D printer. The whole process took about two months.


The 3D printed part was quite difficult and quite expensive. Since Blender is not really suited for printing large, detailed complexes, I had to come up with some workarounds. I also had to rework the entire model so we could get a clean print. That meant I had to rearrange each vertex again. That was an incredible amount of work. Since the model was huge, I subsequently divided the model into three parts. So we could minimize costs and print the whole thing with just one printer. After that, the model was finally printed using a BigRep. The whole printing process took a few days.


I wasn't very involved in the AR stuff. That was done by a talented designer called Marcel Igel. I actually just provided him with the 3D models I made and he then did the magic with Unity. In the exhibition, the 3D printed model is displayed on a pedestal. Through an iPad hanging from the ceiling, you can view the entire complex with texture and information.

That's it!

– Favorite
‍Interaction / Information Design
Summer 2021

Thanks Marcel 🙏.
Thanks Museum Kronach for the great job.
It was fun!