How can we change and rethink the way we grow our food? Gard is an open-source project on a mission to make hydroponics more accessible, enabling people to grow their food in a sustainable way.

Gard is an open-source project making hydroponic systems accessible to everyone by taking an affordable and modular approach. Through our downloadable instructions, you will have the opportunity to build your own Gard and grow plants such as lettuce, peppers, cucumbers, strawberries — you name it — without any soil using a nutrient-rich water solution.

If you want to take your Gard to the next level we also give the opportunity to introduce data by providing you with our web app giving real-time data about your hydroponic system in terms of pH score, water level and nutrition, allowing you to gain detailed insight to ensure perfect growth.

What started as a semester project quickly turned into a passion-driven initiative resulting in further developments and improvements beyond the end of our semester.


Summer 2022


UX Design

UI Design

Data visualization


Moritz Krause
Marco Koenig