We hardly know where our food comes from – at least I didn't really know. And according to my research, I am somehow not an isolated case. People often don't think about where the products they buy come from, under what conditions they are delivered and what the consequences are. With my project, I wanted to address consumers, draw their attention to the problem and maybe even make them think about it.


"Please tell me a story about food."

that's roughly how our storytelling seminar began. After a phase of thinking about how to tell a story about food, the topic then came to me quite spontaneously. While doing my weekly shopping in the grocery, it struck me that somehow we hardly know where our food comes from. At least I didn't really know. And that's how I finally came up with my theme. Regional einkaufen developed from a university project to a passion project and gets renewed regularly.

Target group

So the problem was finally defined! Now I had to define my target group so that I could take them into consideration when making future decisions. First I defined my target group in general terms and afterwards with the help of archetypes.

With my project I wanted to address rather younger people  – between 17 and 35 years.

The hero 👌

fights for the good

The sage ☝️


The caregiver 🤝



To support my statements, I have placed a few different interactions on the website. The animations were created using Adobe Illustrator and After Effects and rendered as Lottie using Bodymovin. When the animation part was done, I made the animations interactive using Webflow. They now react to the user's scrolling speed!


Our dear Professor –Heiko Brömmelstrote– attached great importance to a structured and intensive process. With good reason! I spent most of the time during the process in Adobe xd. Here I made numerous drafts. After about two weeks of drafting, the final design was ready and I could finally implement the design.


I think you can see from my other work that I like to realize my projects with Webflow. It's an excellent tool for quick prototypes but also for high-end websites. That's why I also worked with Webflow on this project. Since I put a lot of time and work and effort into the design, the implementation was actually quite easy.

That's it!

By the way, Regional einkaufen also works on your computer. You can check it out here:

– Regional einkaufen.
Campus MÜB
Marco Koenig
Winter 2020

Thanks Heiko ✌️